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5 Reasons Your Next Event Needs a Step & Repeat

June 10, 2013

If you’ve seen pictures from a Hollywood premier or well publicized event, you’ve probably seen a Step & Repeat.  In all of these photos, celebrities and event attendees have their photos snapped by paparazzi on front of a banner displaying logos, making it an official event photo. These are a great addition to any event, here are 5 reasons your next great event can be taken up a notch with a Step & Repeat:

A Step and Repeat created for The Junior League of San Diego's Wiggin' Out event


  1. Create a high end experience for your guests.   Make your guests feel like VIPs by snapping their picture like a celebrity at an insider event.  Treating your guests like the star of the event will create an exceptional experience for everyone posing in front of your Step & Repeat.
  2. Make your event an elite experience.  A custom photo backdrop will create a singular experience for your guests when they have their photo snapped at your event. Only attendees will be able claim that they were at your event, and will have the photo to prove it.  The sense of exclusivity will take your event into an upper echelon of affairs. 
  3. Sell yourself.  A Step & Repeat allows you to sell your brand very easily. A step and repeat can be customized to your brand with a your logo, which is repeated across the entire banner. Each photo taken in front of the step and repeat will have your logo prominently displayed many times, and the more your logo is seen the more recognizable your brand becomes.
  4. Create Social Media buzz.  Photos taken in front of a step and repeat tend to be shared by the people smiling in them.  A chance to show off attendance at a special event will be posted on attendees Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. This opens up your brand visibility not only to the guests that were in attendance at the event, but each one of their friends and followers on social media. 
  5. Generate revenue. Sell ad space on your Step & Repeat. Give sponsors a chance to promote their brand by being seen in the same way you’re selling yourself in #3 and #4


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