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Ask for Help Before They Yelp

July 25, 2013

button-updatedWe’ve all seen them, the One Star Yelp Review. An instant day ruiner, right? Yelp has become a successful segment of the online presence for a bar, restaurant, or retail store, it also allows for that not-so truth to sometimes be told.  On average, someone who’s had a bad experience will tell between 10 and 20 people about that experience, and those people will in turn share that same information with people they know. Word of mouth spreads quickly. But Yelp is different.  Yelp allows them to broadcast their message via the internet, with people seeking out Yelp as a means of getting information about your business.  Because people are twice as likely to turn to the internet to as a means of sharing a bad experience over a good one, here are some tips to help before they Yelp:

Now, knowing all of this information, it is also important to remember that you will not fail or succeed based on the comments from Yelp! Start the day with your best foot forward. Give the best you can to your staff, community and customers and you will succeed.



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