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How to Prep for 50 Tastes in 4 Hours

October 8, 2014

By Kelsey Prince

So, you have your Taste of North Park ticket and you’re getting super excited about the event. You can’t stop dreaming about the seemingly endless supply of delicious, mouth-watering samples of food, crafty beer and those amazing specialty cocktails (provided you’re of age, of course). But there’s one little thing that keeps nagging you in the back of your mind. “How am I supposed to finish ALL 50 tastes in 4 hours?? I’m not the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest champ… I’m a normal human being.” I’m here to let you know, you CAN do it. You can do anything you set your mind to. And I’m going to tell you how.

1. Delicately plan your Friday night

Preparing the right way the eve of the Taste is VITAL for your survival during the Taste. All day Friday, make sure to drink plenty of water (you’re basically preparing for a marathon here people). As far as food intake, keep things light, but don’t deprive yourself. Try a hearty smoothie for breakfast or a big, filling salad for lunch. Dinner, however, is the most important. Avoid anything greasy and heavy that will make you feel like garbage the next day. Grilled chicken and fresh veggies are your friend.

For mental prep, watch Rocky or Remember the Titans to inspire you to greatness. For physical prep, try some yoga or a short jog, but do not do any physical activity that will make you sore for Saturday.

2. Practice your speed walk Saturday morning

When you wake up Saturday morning, refreshed from the water you drank and leafs you ate the previous day, jump out of bed and get your feet ready. Throw on those groovy cross trainers and do a few laps around your neighborhood. Not running, not walking. SPEED walking. This skill will get you far.

3. Fuel up

Saturday morning breakfast is also VITAL. You may be tempted to skip it so that you can squeeze more food in. This is a mistake. You need a light breakfast, like a hard boiled egg and a piece of almond butter toast. Whatever you do, skip those pancakes.

4. Dress for success

We’re talking workout gear here. You might want to dress up, but you are on a mission. Strap on those tennis shoes and workout outfit. Keep in mind your pants will need to be stretchy so accommodate all of the amazing, delicious treats you are about to consume.

Also, don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, bandaids, a first aid kit, chapstick, deodorant, an extra pair of socks, camera and fanny pack or small backpack (you’ll want to be hands free). Leave your dog at home because it’s the rules.

5. Arrive early

If you are set on this mission, you’re going to need to be at the Taste to get your tickets at 11 a.m. SHARP. You need those 4 hours.

6. Pace yourself

Think of the Taste as your meals for the day. It goes from 11 to 3, so that means your early tastes are “brunch” your midday tastes are “lunch” and your afternoon tastes are “second lunch” (everyone has second lunch right?). Do not get carried away and run everywhere immediately. However, if that happens (as it often does), DO NOT PANIC. You can still do this. Give yourself some time, then regroup and get ready for the next “meal” of the day.

7. Finish strong

Remember, it doesn’t matter how you start. All that matters is how you finish. You may have thought you couldn’t go on throughout the day. But come 2:30, muster up all your strength, remember all your training, and try those last 2 tastes. You never know, they might change your life.

8. Have fun!

Feel free to throw out any of the above rules at any time. This is YOUR taste, after all.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon and know that this Taste of North Park will be one for the books!