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Instagram Releases Edit Feature, Entire World Rejoices

November 13, 2014

By Kelsey Prince

Hallelujah! Christmas came in November this year, when Instagram released an update to the app, allowing users to finally edit their posts.

The update was foreshadowed by a feature that allowed users to tag their Instagram photos after a post was already sent out. This feature was extremely helpful, however, the big need has always been editing the entire post.

What does this mean for Social Media Marketers?

The possibilities are essentially endless. Besides the obvious (ahem… correcting spelling mistakes), the update also means that your entire account can be that much more polished. Now, you have the ability to turn back the clock and correct past posts, captions, locations and hashtags.

Although most of your audience will not be reading past posts, new followers may be curious as to what content your brand usually posts, and this new feature will ensure that content is the best it can be.

If you notice particular hashtags are doing well for your industry, you can also go back and add these to past captions, instead of adding the hashtag in a separate comment below several user comments.

That’s awesome, but…

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the day when Instagram will allow users to delete comments on photos, without deleting the entire post.

In addition, we are patiently waiting for multiple logins! Instagram, if you could take notes from your good pal Twitter, we would appreciate it!